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Web 2.0 on Mobile - Convergence in Advertisement, Media Content and Enterprise Services


The mobile personal device aka cell phone is rapidly becoming the single most important source of consumption of entertainment/news/ad content. It is also starting to rapidly become the device of choice for content generation whether it be via video recordings, photographs or audio recordings. And finally, it continues to be the main device of choice for communication between users whether it be via voice, SMS, IM, or MMS/video, thereby creating communities of like-minded users who readily create, distribute and consume content. At one level Convergence implies the ability to have multiple functions (camera, video recorder, phone, TV, music player) within the same device and using the same infrastructure.

At another level Convergence indicates the complex and inter-twined business models between various services that have traditionally been segregated. For example, business models surrounding content consumption on the mobile personal device are changing rapidly. Content consumption that costs money today may be moving towards being ad-supported. Content generation, traditionally a monopoly of big corporations, is now increasingly being done by individuals carrying video-camera cell phone. Content can be generated on a mobile/personal device, aggregated on a server, and distributed to hundreds of thousands of users within minutes - a distribution model that even the most evolved and modern of the brick-and-mortar enterprises have a hard time competing with. Communication via new modalities such as IM or MMS allows content to travel like lightning from consumer to consumer across geographies and political boundaries. The technical, business and financial models of content and how it is dealt with by the Entertainment Companies, Telecom Providers, Infrastructure Companies and Mobile device makers, is changing rapidly. The mobile device and its usage is the cause of convergence (and confusion) between different business functions - with device manufacturers offering branded services, internet-based search companies offering telecommunication services, entertainment companies offering branded devices and services (MVNOs), and, cable operators exploring wireless services. The traditional barriers are breaking down fast, resulting in the formation of a new genre of companies. Business models are rapidly created and destroyed, and the new paradigm of Web 2.0 along with convergence on mobile devices/networks is resulting in new models of content creation, consumption and sharing (community) which in turn is leading to the complete change in not only businesses but entire industries.

On May 7, 2008, the forum will bring together leaders from industry, government and academia, to discuss the new trends and changes that this industry is facing, the business and technology challenges, and, the emerging opportunities. The role of Web 2.0 on Mobile devices/networks will be discussed in the context of Convergence. In the backdrop of Entertainment and Media content, the role of convergence as applied to Advertisement, Media Content and Enterprise Services on mobile devices will be discussed.

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Select Speakers
Mark Anderson Chief Executive Officer Numobiq Inc
Joakim Baage VP, Content and Senior Writer Digital Media Wire, Inc
Dilip Bala Vice President, Business Development Disney-ABC Television Group
Gautam Bhargava Founder & CEO SnapTell
Ramneek Bhasin CEO Mobio Networks, Inc.
Douglass Britt VP of Mobile Data Services Helio
Frank Chindamo CCO Fun Little Movies
Tom Elsworth Chief Executive Officer GoTV Networks
Rajit Gadh Professor & Director UCLA - WINMEC
Tom Garland Chief Marketing Officer Catalyst Mobile
Dan Gillmor Co-Founder Dopplr
Lawrence Harris Senior Vice President CL King & Associates
Miriam Holzman Vice President - Content Production and Distribution Fox Mobile Entertainment
Lucy Hood Former President Fox Mobile Entertainment
Spencer Hunt Vice President, Game Production & Digital Product Sony Pictures Television International
Bill Janczewski Executive Director of Original Content Fox Mobile Studios
Gigi Johnson President Maremel Ventures, Inc.
Elgin Kim Head of Sales, West Nokia Interactive
Frederick Kitson Senior Vice President Motorola Labs
Len Lauer EVP and Group President Qualcomm
Julie Lee Vice President, Business Development Universal Music Group - eLabs
Neil McGinness VP, Entertainment & Comedy IMG World
Ramiro Sánchez Americas Consumer Media Thomson Reuters
Bill Sanders Vice President, Programming Sony Pictures Television International
Levi Shapiro Former Analyst Telephia
Stephen Tippie Vice President, Marketing and Licensing Tribune Media Services
Morley Winograd Executive Director Marshall School, USC
David Wolf Partner Accenture, Media and Entertainment Group

Speakers from Previous WINMEC Forums
Eric Anderson Vice President-Sales North America, Ericson Inc
Pankaj Asundi VP and CTO Internet Applications and Solutions Ericsson
John Batter VP and GM Electronic Arts Mobile
Joseph Busch Executive Director MGM Domestic Television Sales
Ted Casey Head of Mobile Music Verizon Wireless
Brad Duea President Napster
Phil Edholm CTO and VP Network Architecture Nortel Networks
Jean-Marc Frangos Senior VP Technology and Innovation, BT Group
Jeff Gralnick News Media Exec NBC News
Ken Goldstein EVP and Managing Director Disney Internet Group
Lucy Hood SVP, Content & Marketing News Corp.
Jean-Charles Hourcade CTO Thomson, Inc.
Fred Kitson Senior Vice President Motorola Labs
Anil Kripalani Senior VP Qualcomm
Ross Levinsohn SVP/GM FOXSports Interactive Media
Kenny Miller Executive Vice President and Creative Director MTV Networks Global Digital Media, a Viacom company
Jay Samit Executive Vice President Sony Corporation of America
Henry Samueli CTO Broadcom
Bill Sanders Vice President, Programming Sony Pictures Television International
Rob Schonfeld Vice President Buena Vista Pay Television
Joe Solimando CIO Disney Consumer Products
Stephen Tippie Vice President, Marketing and Licensing Tribune Media Services
Thomas Werner SVP Mobile Enterprise Siemens


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