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Entertainment Media Advisory Board

Mobile Entertainment Media Forum 2008

NBC Universal   Director  
Amritt Ventures   CEO  
The Walt Disney Company   Creative Director  
Helio   VP of Mobile Data Services  
MGM Domestic Television Sales   Executive Director  
IBM   VP  
Universal Motown Republic Group   SVP Digital Business Development  
Rhino Entertainment / Warner Music Group   Senior Vice President New Media Strategy  
Universal Music Group Distribution   Vice President  
Fox Mobile Entertainment   Vice President - Content Production and Distribution  
Qualcomm   Sr. Director, Technology  
Fox Entertainment Group   VP Digital Media  
IMG Media   Vice President, Entertainment  
MTV Networks Global Digital Media, a Viacom company   Executive Vice President and Creative Director  
Fox Mobile Group (a division of News Corp)   CEO, Fox Mobile Group  
Thomson Reuters   Americas Consumer Media  
CBS Mobile   Executive Vice President, General Manager  
Hughes Network Systems   VP - Corporate Marketing  
Fox Interactive Media   Senior Vice President of Business Development  
Tribune Media Services   Vice President, Marketing and Licensing  
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By virtue of UCLA having close proximity and strong relationships with the Hollywood Entertainment and Media industry, UCLA-WINMEC has developed a partnership with this industry.   Hollywood owns significant content – movies, music, shows, news, sports, videos – and continues to create vast amounts of new content every day. Hollywood continues to look for ways to deliver media content to consumers, who today are carrying a mobile phone in greater numbers.  The mobile phone has now become a personalized media and communicating device for the individual consumers who are looking for entertainment, news, etc.  Today there are roughly 2,000,000,000 mobile phones in the world and growing in number.  Content owners now have a global reach due to global standardization.  The market and excitement in the field of Mobile Entertainment Media is now reaching a crescendo… but it is not without challenges.


One of the challenges is getting content to the consumer’s mobile device in a manner that is simple to access, easy to use and pay for, is something that the content owners, technology providers and consumers should strive for.  In partnership with this panel of experts, we are developing frameworks (such as MoBIME), research areas (such as Digital Rights Management) and business case studies in collaboration with the UCLA Anderson School of Management.  If you would like to request information about this activity, please contact entertainment@winmec.ucla.edu.


Interview Prof. Gadh for WINMEC Web 2.0 event