The automotive industry has recently been moving towards wireless technologies in a big way. We believe that the key are

RFID based Tracking of Parts

?WINMEC Lab is developing the WinRFID platform ( an RFID middleware that allows tracking of parts in the supply chain, inventory tracking in a factory, assembly status tracking and handoff within and across factories, etc. The automotive industry has now started to look into the RFID technology as a way to help them automate their supply chain. For example, GM CTO Anthony Scott expects that the automotive industry will begin to use RFID in 3-5 for its supply chain (source Computerworld).

Industrial Automation and Sensing

?The industry is transitioning from mechanical to electrical controls (e.g. drive by wire) and from electrical to wireless controls (perhaps it can be called drive-by-wireless). UCLA-WINMEC has created an electronic hardware platform and hub called “Reconfigurable wireless interface for networking of sensors?or ReWINS ( which allows a variety of sensors such as motion, gyro, accelerometer, chemical, temperature, pressure, etc., to be wireless linked to a variety of wireless technologies including WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, Mote and Zigbee. The WINMEC Lab in UCLA has developed two industrial applications with this platform for the following two applications:
industrial automation for a company in the automotive and aerospace business for high-fidelity motion sensors and actuators
Integrated GPS and sensor-based container tracking for shipping of containers over land and sea.

Consumer and Communications

?Content delivery from the car to the consumer, from a car to a car and from infrastructure towers to a car will become a key area of research. UCLA-WINMEC Research on Mobile Multimedia Collaborative System of MOBIME is applicable for this need. For further research and information on the MOBIME project, please see
WINMEC - Wireless Internet for the Mobile Enterprise Consortium