We are pleased to announce the First RFID and Wireless in Healthcare Forum on October 10th alongside our Annual RFID Executive Conference. At this special forum, we are inviting a number of Global leaders in Healthcare to speak on their RFID and Wireless research activities and how these technologies are benefiting their enterprises. This forum is linked to UCLA-WINMEC's RFID research (http://winmec.ucla.edu/rfid) and to WINMEC¡¦s research on RFID/Wireless for Healthcare/Medicine Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement.

Forum Plan:
The technologies of RFID and Wireless are now getting the attention of Chief Medical Officers, Healthcare Chief Information Officers, Chief Enterprise Risk Officers, Quality Improvement Directors, and, Medical Practitioners, at Hospitals, Healthcare providing organizations, Insurance Companies, Health Quality monitoring organizations, Pharmacies, etc. Benefits of these technologies in this industry include healthcare cost reduction, medication error reduction, increased operational efficiency, rapid location of assets/personnel, increase in through-put of patients, and, increase in quality of care. The convergence of these technologies with advanced information technologies has now made it possible to create new applications that are economically justifiable with measurable benefits. The WINMEC Healthcare/Medicine initiative aims to bring together U.S.-based leaders from this industry to share ideas on how RFID/Wireless technologies can help this industry over the next 3 to 5 years. .

Speaker Nominations are open : Nominate a Speaker