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10/17/2011 UCLA MAE News: Rajit Gadh elected a Fellow of ASME
09/09/2011 BBC News: Southwest blackouts: How do power outages spread
03/15/2011 UCLA SMERC participates 2nd Annual Smart Grid Technology Conference 2011, June 1st-2nd, Crowne Plaza, San Jose, CA
02/18/2011 Commnexus Presents: M2m Wireless Sensor Technology-from Academic Interest To Industry Reality (Next Web Express)
02/07/2011 Battery Facility Could Lead to a Greener Grid (Innovation Trail)
12/08/2010 UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center (SMERC) celebrates its start
11/02/2010 Wi-Fi Alliance® and HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Collaborate on Connected Smart Home
10/27/2010 Mayor Villaraigosa Leads Electric Vehicle 101 Workshop
10/27/2010 Kat Shoa moderating panel at UCLA WINMEC 2010 Forum:mobile media and wireless innovations
10/21/2010 Workshop at UCLA looks at electric vehicles' coming impact on Southland cities, utilities
10/15/2010 Dr. Gadh speaks at Los Angeles Smart Grid Summit, 2010
10/15/2010 Smart Grid Summit - What You Missed
10/14/2010 UCLA Forum Shows the Way for Smart Grid and the Future of Electric Vehicles
10/08/2010 Smart Grid Summit Recap
09/09/2010 Dr Rajit Gadh's talk in Smart Grid Summit , Los Angeles
09/01/2010 Dr Rajit Gadh's talk CEN LA: Smart Grid: Today’s Technologies & Tomorrow’s Opportunities , Los Angeles
08/04/2010 UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center / WINMEC to participate at TMCNET
08/02/2010 WINMEC to participate in ASEI Annual Convention , Orange
07/15/2010 Dr. Gadh's keynote presentation - Distribution Technology & Innovation Summit , Las Vegas
05/10/2010 Dr. Gadh speaks about Smart Grid Research at the UCLA - PKU conference
02/12/2010 Smart grid technology saves money, energy by using sensors in buildings, battery power from electric cars,  Daily Bruin
01/15/2010 Building the "Smart Grid", UCLA Sustainability
01/14/2010 WINMEC technology WINSmartGrid to be critical component of newly established center on Smart Grid in UCLA - Smart Grid Energy Research Center or SMERC, UCLA Today
12/28/2009 Government Funds Flow to WiMAX (Dr. Gadh interviewed), Heartland Institute
12/18/2009 LADWP $60M grant has UCLA participation, UCLA MAE
12/15/2009 UCLA engineering news on WINSmartGrid Technology & its application to LADWP's DOE Stimulus Grant, UCLA Engineering News
12/01/2009 Dan Ton, Program Manager, Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability join WINSmartGrid Leadership Council, 
11/24/2009 UCLA WINSmartGrid Technology to be part of the Regional Smart Grid Demonstration, LA Times
10/27/2009 WINMEC gets mention in Smarter Technology News
09/30/2009 Naresh Soni, Vice President of Strategic Engineering, InterDigital Join WINMEC Advisory Board, 
09/29/2009 Asheem Chandna, Greylock Partners join WINMEC's Venture Advisory Board, 
09/28/2009 Dr. Gadh interviewed on RFID and Smart Grid by Computerworld magazine of Brazil , ComputerWorld
09/23/2009 Keynote speech by Dr. Rajit Gadh, MobiCase
08/31/2009 Southern California Smart Grid Research Consortium, Southern California Edison
08/06/2009 Wireless Solutions in a Brave New World, Fabulously40.com
07/29/2009 UCLA WINMEC Participation at Qualcomm Smart Services Forum, Qualcomm
07/07/2009 RFID for Medical Devices - An exciting future by Dr. Rajit Gadh, Ochre media
06/03/2009 Dr. Gadh presents invited paper at New Research Directions for Future Cyber-Physical Energy Systems, June 3-4, 2009, Baltimore, Maryland, CMU
06/02/2009 Calif. Researchers Tag Cadavers, Body Parts, RFID Journal
05/22/2009 Robert Angelo, Director, NBC Universal, joined WINMEC Entertainment Media Advisory Board, May 22, 2009, 
04/07/2009 UCLA-WINMEC participation in Southern California Smart Grid Symposium, 
03/15/2009 UCLA WINMEC gets mention in Business Week
03/16/2009 WINMEC gets visibility in healthcare publication
02/22/2009WINSmartgrid - A UCLA-WINMEC based initiative on Wireless Smart Grid for Greening of the Electric Utility Power Grid
01/02/2009 WINMEC offers summer internship program for High School and Undergraduate students

12/31/2008 WINMEC to participate at RFID Journal Live, April 2009

10/28/2008 UCLA WINMEC to participate on Program Committee of IEEE RFID Forum
10/12/2008 UCLA applies RFID to Pharmaceuticals ePedigree and Counterfeit

09/21/2008 UCLA Offers Specimentrak Via a Sales and Service Agreement
09/21/2008 WINMEC Director speaks on RFID In Pharma and Healthcare, January 22, 2009, Las Vegas
08/07/2008 UCLA WINMEC Director to speak at RFID World, September 2008
08/05/2008 UCLA-WINMEC Google Map lists Global Participation / Collaboration / Sponsorships

07/28/2008 UCLA Group Offers Interference-Testing Service for Medical Devices, RFID Journal
07/08/2008 Beth Kearns, VP, Digital Media, Fox Entertainment Group, joins WINMEC Entertainment Media Advisory Board, 
07/08/2008 Universal Records, Senior VP Digital Business Development, Cameo Carlson, joins WINMEC Entertainment Media Advisory Board, 
07/08/2008 SVP & GM, Mobile at FOX Interactive Media, John Smelzer joins UCLA-WINMEC Entertainment Media Advisory Board, 
07/08/2008 Len Lauer, eVP and Group President, Qualcomm Mobile Content and Services, joins WINMEC Advisory Board, 
July/2008 UCLA-WINMEC starts a program on remote monitoring in the field of Energy, Oil and Natural Gas

06/25/2008 UCLA-WINMEC participates on Program Committee for WTS 2009 , csupomona
06/04/2008 UCLA-WINMEC Starts Green RFID Research Project., rfid-world

2008 UCLA WINMEC Launches WinRFID MEDTEST-Medical Device and Facility RF (Radio Frequency) Testing Program

Feb/2008 UCLA WINMEC RFID Lab launches the e-Pedigree Pharma Mandate Research Program

05/29/2008 UCLA-WINMEC Director is interviewed by Etopia News reporter Marc Strassman about the June 5th RFID workshop., Etopia News
05/09/2008 Miriam Holzman, Vice President - Content Production and Distribution, Fox Mobile Entertainment, joined WINMEC Entertainment and Media Advisory Board, May 9, 2008, 
05/07/2008 UCLA WINMEC Director speaks about RFID in Healthcare at a forum with other luminaries include actor Kirk Douglas, UCLA
05/02/2008 Sanjiv Puri, CEO, ITC Infotech joined WINMEC Advisory Board, May 02, 2008, 
05/02/2008 Lakshmi Balaji, President, ITC Infotech USAm joined WINMEC CIO Advisory Board, May 02, 2008, 
05/02/2008 UCLA-WINMEC Director to Moderate Panel entitled - Exploiting Enterprise Social Networks for Corporate Productivity, at USC¡¦s, Workshop Series on Understanding the Networked Digital Industry, May 2, 2008, , USC Marshall
05/01/2008 WINMEC's Mobile Convergence Forum gets archived in ACM Computers in entertainment, 2006, The ACM Portal
05/01/2008 UCLA WINMEC Director serves on Scientific Committee for International Contactless Technologies Forum, June 12, 2008, Lille Grand Palais, France, ictf-forum
05/01/2008 WINMEC participates in 2008 Entrepreneurs Conference, May 9, FROM IDEAS TO INNOVATIONS, UCLA Anderson

04/28/2008 David J. McCue, CIO of CSC joins WINMEC's CIO Advisory Board, February 27, 2008. , 
04/23/2008 Dr. Gadh to serve on International Program Committee of SOLI' 2008, Beijing, China, SOLI' IEEE
04/23/2008 UCLA WINMEC gets recognized as a Featured Center in Arts and Entertainment at UCLA, UCLA
04/18/2008 Dr. Rajit Gadh is guest editor of Special issue on RFID and Supply Chain Management, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, Volume 3, issue 1, 
04/15/2008 UCLA WINMEC Director Quoted in article "Wireless Devices Turn up the Chatter", Medill Reports, Chicago, Medill Report

03/25/2008 WINMEC Director addresses California Board of Pharmacy, California State Board of Pharmacy
03/06/2008 WINMEC Director serves on the advisory board of rifd world, Reviewjournal.com

02/29/2008 Theresa Weiss, Terminal Systems Coordinator, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport join WINMEC RFID Advisory Board, 

08/29/2007 UCLA-WINMEC Director interviewed by New Scientist, NewScientist.com

07/10/2007 UCLA-WINMEC’s Director, Rajit Gadh talks to Ned Hooper and Arun Garg of CISCO at Pan IIT 2007 Forum, PAN IIT 2007
07/10/2007 Dr. Rajit Gadh participates at PAN IIT 2007 Panel Discussion, Flickr
07/01/2007 WINMEC Director serves on program committee ACM SenSys'2007 conference, SenSys'2007

05/12/2007 Dr. Rajit Gadh gives Keynote Talk at Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum
05/04/2007 Report on Web 2.0 Forum by Thomas Palamides
05/03/2007 WINMEC Team paper selected for CCAC TechFair Presentation, 

03/29/2007 Steve, Cooper, SVP & CIO American Red Cross join WINMEC CIO Advisory Board, 
03/26/2007 Chris Vein, CIO, City of San Francisco join WINMEC CIO Advisory Board, 
03/23/2007 Celia Lin, CIO, Chevron join WINMEC CIO Advisory Board, 
03/22/2007 WINMEC receives donation of RFID equipments from Quantum Route, Inc. and Convergence Systems Limited, 
03/22/2007 Jeff Tew, Technical Fellow and Group Manager, GM join WINMEC RFID Advisory Board, 
03/15/2007 Hardik Bhatt, CIO, City of Chicago join WINMEC CIO Advisory Board, 

02/21/2007 WINMEC Director addresses UCLA alumni in Qualcomm, San Diego on "Opportunities in RFID"

01/19/2007 WINMEC to participate in HP-hosted RFID Panel at International Symposium on Wireless Pervasive Computing, 2007, Puerto Rico, Feb 5-7, ISWPC
01/03/2007 WINMEC Director joins Pan IIT Academic Research Council
01/03/2007 WINMEC director participates on WTS conference committee, WTS

12/23/2006 Director of UCLA-WINMEC to chair Pan IIT forum on Entrepreneurship - keynote by Mr. Ramadorai, TCS

11/17/2006 WINMEC director participate in the committee of Frost & Sullivan 2007 Mobility Awards, MarketWatch, Inc

09/01/2006 ETRI, Korea joins WINMEC as full member with Dr. Heung-Nam, Kim serving on WINMEC advisory board, 
09/01/2006 Motorola joins WINMEC, Dr. Fred Kitson to serve on Advisory Board, 

08/22/2006 WINMEC faculty joins program committee First International Workshop on RFID Technology (IWRT'07), ICEIS
08/03/2006 Kestrel Wireless joins WINMEC as adjunct member, Frank LoVerme, Senior VP of Business Development join WINMEC RFID advisory Board, 

07/26/2006 WINMEC researcher quoted in MIT Technology Review, MIT Technology Review
07/05/2006 WINMEC participates in International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications Beijing, China on August 13-16, 2006, 

06/29/2006 Neil McGinness, Vice President, Entertainment, IMG Media joins the WINMEC Entertainment Media advisory board, 
06/21/2006 WINMEC participates in 2006 IEEE International Conference on Service Operations and Logistics, and Informatics, Shanghai., Services Science Global
06/01/2006 Microsoft Corp. join WINMEC as full member, John SanGiovanni, Technical Evangelist for Mobile Computing & Wireless Technologies at Microsoft Research join WINMEC Media Entertainment Advisory Board, 

05/25/2006 WINMEC participates in IIT North American Regional Conference, 2006, IITAC 2006
05/24/2006 WINMEC participation on Digital Cities Convention Program Committee, The Wireless Internet Institute
05/21/2006 Dr. Gadh gives luncheon keynote at Retail Systems Conference, Third Annual RFID Technology Symposium, Retail Systems Alert Group
05/17/2006 LAPD CIO, Tim Riley, joins WINMEC advisory board, WINMEC
05/15/2006 UCLA-WINMEC participates in Semantic sensor net workshop 2006, Semantic Sensor Networks Conference
05/08/2006 WINMEC RFID research article appears in May issue of Academic Bytes Newsletter., TATA

04/30/2006 Mobio Networks join WINMEC as Adjunct Member, 

03/28/2006 Dr Gadh to speak at Digital Hollywood Spring Conference in Santa Monica, Digital Hollywood
03/02/2006 WINMEC receives equipment donation from Printronix, Inc, 

02/27/2006 WINMEC Katrina Article Published in IEEE
02/27/2006 Fox Mobile Entertainment Launches Mobizzo, TMC.net
02/20/2006 WINMEC receives equipment donation from Symbol Technologies Corporate, 
02/14/2006 Abe Kani, CIO , City of Atlanta joins WINMEC CIO Advisory Board, 
02/08/2006 CIO Forum noted in UCLA Eng. Dean's Letter, UCLA Engineering
02/08/2006 Banking on Wireless, Light Reading Inc.
02/07/2006 Joe Simms SVP of T-Mobile joins WINMEC Carrier Advisory Board, 

01/19/2006 Dorothy McKinney presents Dr. Gadh with check for grant from Lockheed Martin
01/13/2006 Carl Eberling, Vice President, CIO West Area IT, Verizon Wireless joins WINMEC advisory board, 
01/13/2006 Verizon Wireless Join WINMEC as full member, 
01/07/2006 Korean Minister, Mr. Roh Juh-hyung visits UCLA-WINMEC for a meeting, 
01/05/2006 Dr. Prabhu and Dr. Gadh speak at Lockheed ITTC 2006 Conference in Florida, February 14-16., 

12/14/2005 Dr. Gadh Quoted in Ventura County Star Article - Part IV-A: Honing technical skills is required, Ventury County Star
12/08/2005 Ajit Kapoor, Director and Chief Architect, Lockheed Martin joins WINMEC Advisory Board, 
12/08/2005 Lockheed Martin Corporation join WINMEC as Gold level member, 
12/05/2005 GPS track-and-trace demo - UCLA WINMEC's REWINS Asset Track, packworld.com
12/01/2005 Raytheon join WINMEC as FULL member, 

11/21/2005 Panelists weigh potential RFID security threats, EETimes
11/16/2005 Dr. Gadh to be Panelist at TechBiz Connection, Nov 16, Business Wire
11/16/2005 Dr. Gadh to be Panelist at TechBiz Connection, Nov 16, Tech Web
11/10/2005 Dr. Gadh to speak at DEC 2005, in November, DEC
11/04/2005 Wilfredo Santos, eBusiness Project Manager, Nestle joins WINMEC RFID Advisory Board, 
11/01/2005 Keith Dierkx, SVP of Operations, Embarcadero Systems Corp. join WINMEC RFID Advisory Board, 

10/31/2005 RFID Classes Hit Business Schools, Techweb
10/20/2005 Dr.Gadh on International Advisory for Comsware2006 in New Delhi India, Comsware
10/18/2005 UCLA-WINMEC Demonstrates RFID, Tech Web
10/13/2005 WINMEC Mentioned - RFID Training Rampup, Line56
10/12/2005 Radio Frequency Identification Technology Forum to Be Hosted by Engineering’s WINMEC, UCLA Engineering
10/11/2005 RFID-DVD Technology Highlighted in UCLA Today, UCLA Today
10/07/2005 Prasanna Simha Arkalgud, VP?RFID Solutions, Computer Associates joins WINMEC RFID Advisory Board, 

09/26/2005 Microwave gives boost to wireless networks, Statesman.com
09/26/2005 MuniWireless: U.S. Municipalities to Spend Nearly $700M on Wireless Networks in Next Three Years, TMCnet
09/22/2005 Dr. Gadh Quoted in Wall Street Journal: Dr.Cellular Firms Cook Up Microwave Plan, FiberTower
09/21/2005 WinRFID: Towards an RFID Internet of Artifacts; Dr. Rajit Gadh, UCLA Anderson

08/05/2005 What Is RFID? It Could Be the Next Breakthrough Technology for Protecting Copyrighted Content Against Piracy, UCLA

06/29/2005 Dr. Gadh to give presentation at IEEE-EMBS, IEEE EMB
06/06/2005 Scientists tackling devices to prevent DVD bootlegging - WINMEC in LA Business Journal, Find Articles - LA Business Journal

05/20/2005 Dr. Gadh to speak at Global IIT Conference, May 20-22nd, 2005
05/17/2005 Dr. Gadh on Technical Program Committee for CCNC 2006, CCNC
05/12/2005 Group Studies RFID to Stop Digital Piracy, RFID Journal
05/05/2005 WinRIFD gets recognition on Library Demo, RFID in Library

04/20/2005 Dr. Gadh to give keynote address at Central Coast MIT Forum on RFID: Wirelessly Tracking Objects From Cradle to Grave April, 20th, 2005, Thousand Oaks, CA, Central Coast MIT Enterprise Forum

03/23/2005 Dr. Gadh to speak at OCTANe RFID Panel, OCTANec.org
03/15/2005 WINMEC CIO Forum 2005 Report
03/09/2005 WINMEC RFID Library Demo, RFID in Libraries
03/08/2005 Wireless tech talk to happen at UCLA today, Daily Bruin
03/08/2005 RFID Applications On Display At UCLA, RFID Insights
03/01/2005 Dr. Rajit Gadh to Give lecture at IEEE Symposium, IEEE

02/25/2005 Dr. Rajit Gadh to Speak at Tech Group Meeting at Greenberg Glusker
02/24/2005 Dr. Rajit Gadh to give Lecture at Engineers Council Regional Symoposium, Engineers Council
02/22/2005 Xoriant joins UCLA-WINMEC with their CEO ?Girish Gaitonde, joining the WINMEC advisory board., 
02/15/2005 RFID researcher Rajit Gadh discusses upcoming RFID Executive Forum scheduled for March 9, 2005, at UCLA, and other RFID themes, EtopiaMedia.Net

12/20/2004 Dr. Rajit Gadh to Give a distinguished Lecture at Tata, Tata Infotech Ltd
12/15/2004 TSoCC - Seminar for Rajit Gadh, Taiwan SOC Consortium

11/22/2004 Ericsson Joins WINMEC, WINMEC

10/28/2004 UCLA Consortium Holds RFID Forum, RFID Journal
10/15/2004 WINMEC gets mentioned in Forbes Magazine by PeopleSoft, Forbes, Forbes
10/12/2004 RFID Middleware in Action, Line56.com
10/05/2004 USA RFID - A Long Way To Go, World of Garment - Textile - Fashion

09/28/2004 WINMEC projects on "Integration of RFID and Cellular Technologies"
09/15/2004 Dr. Rajit Gadh appears in Line56 article: "RFID Needs Work", Line56

08/16/2004 Dr. Rajit Gadh quoted in "Networking" article, Internetnews.com
08/11/2004 The State of RFID: Heading Toward a Wireless Internet of Artifacts, ComputerWorld

06/21/2004 Are Personal Digital Assistants the Next Must-Have Tool?, The Chronicle for higher Education
06/10/2004 Sprint join WINMEC, WINMEC
06/03/2004 WINMEC Researchers Win Second Best Paper Prize at WTS2004

05/26/2004 Dr. Rajit Gadh gives invited lecture, X meeting of the Telecom Industry
05/15/2004 Dr. Gadh on WTS 2004 Committee, WTS
05/03/2004 Dr. Rajit Gadh to speak at The 2004 Annual Business Conference of SABA-India 's New Role in the Global Economy

04/14/2004 Prof. Rajit Gadh invited to join Technical Programme Committee of the 9th Intl. Conference on Personal Wireless Communications
04/05/2004 CEO of Tata Consultancy Services, S. Ramadorai giving talk at UCLA on April 20, 2004

03/24/2004 Campus Wireless Technology Leading to Innovations in the Classroom and Beyond, uctltc.org
03/17/2004 Tata InfoTech joined WINMEC