Quarterly Report - Q1, 2006
 2006 has brought with it some fresh ideas and perspectives to our program. In this past quarter, we added a new initiative (RFID/Wireless in Healthcare) and are continuing new developments in the existing programs of Mobile Media/entertainment, RFID/Wireless technologies for Enterprise, and CIO Impacts. In the upcoming quarter, we are looking forward to our upcoming forum on

Convergence+ on May 9.


The technology of RFID is now taking a very interesting twist due to steady price reduction and performance improvement which has resulted in its expansion for non-mandated applications within enterprises such as inventory tracking, asset management, e-pedigree, chain of custody, etc.

Our RFID platform WinRFID is being used to RFID enable many of these applications. Our RFID program activities are as follows:

- Started our second phase of the Project using RFID for Tracking and Tracing for Anatomical Materials Program at UC Irvine (eventually to be extended to all UC campuses)

- Paper published in IEEE entitled "Radio Frequency Identification of Katrina Hurricane Victims"

- New introductory course on RFID introduced - RFID in Aerospace and Automotive Industries

- WINMEC is participating at "Retail Systems 2006" Conference, luncheon talk.

- Video Software Dealers Association's (VSDA), Vice President, Mark Fisher joined WINMEC advisory board

- Symbol made a contribution of UHF/EPC readers and tags to our RFID classroom and course project activities.

- Printronix Inc. made a donation of their RFID printer and tags for our classroom and course project activities.

- Lockheed Martin made a contribution to our RFID educational programs.

Our next Annual RFID Executive Forum with the theme of "Streamlining Business" is on October 10, 2006, which is preceded by the RFID-hands on forum on October 9. http://winmec.ucla.edu/rfid/2006. Further information about WINMEC's RFID program is at http://winmec.ucla.edu/winrfid. Contact - rfid@winmec.ucla.edu.


- We published and presented a paper on Mobile Digital Rights Management with a P2P revenue model, at the Consumer Electronics Show, CCNC Conference, Las Vegas, January 2006, http://www.wireless.ucla.edu/techreports2/CCNC06%20DRM%20workshop.pdf

- We received additional funding for a project involving Embedding RFID Chips in DVD for tracking/tracing/inventory and DRM/Piracy from a group of three VCs's headed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Prior articles on this research are available:

o http://www.engineer.ucla.edu/news/2005/RFIDpiracy.html

o http://www.rfidjournal.com/article/articleview/1589/1/1/

- WINMEC participation at a panel at Digital Hollywood Conference, Los Angeles, CA March 2006.

- We have added a creative movie/animation component, by inviting two executives from Sony Imaging (Sr VP, Jenny Fulle) and Disney Animation (Creative Director, Dave Bossert) to join the UCLA-WINMEC MEM Advisory Board

- MEM Forum, May 9, 2006 - The interest on our focused MEM forum is increasing with the program this year being bigger than last year.

Speakers include senior executives and managers from Disney, Sony, Warner Music, Qualcomm, Thomson, Motorola, Nokia, National Lampoon, Verizon Wireless, MGM, Floodgate Entertainment and several other organizations. The interest areas this year include mobile movies, games, music, TV/video, revenue models and successes/failures.

http://winmec.ucla.edu/entertainmentmedia. Contact - entertainment@winmec.ucla.edu.

The CIO IMPACTS Forum on Mobility and Security was very successful

(http://cio-conference.ucla.edu) with CIOs from different industry segments participating. Select speakers - Stephen Benson, VP, GMAC, Thera Bradshaw, CIO & GM, City of LA, Ken Chrisman, eVP, Wells Fargo, Carl Eberling, VP, CIO West Area IT, Verizon Wireless, Phil Edholm, CTO and VP Network Architecture, Nortel, Louis Hook, CIO, LAX, Abe Kani, CIO, Atlanta, Roger Parks, VP-IT and CIO, Simplot, Vaho Rebassoo, CTO, IT Services, Boeing, T.W. Scott, CIO IIS Business, Raytheon, and others.

On the CIO advisory board, we have added Abe Kani, CIO of Atlanta, Louis Hook, CIO of LAX Airport, and, Carl Eberling, CIO of Verizon Wireless.

Contact - info@cio-conference.ucla.edu.

NEW WINMEC MEMBER - We welcome Verizon Wireless as the newest WINMEC member and sponsor of the CIO Forum.

New Initiative:

HEALTHCARE is an industry that is being significantly impacted by RFID and wireless. We have started a new initiative in healthcare and we will shortly be coming out with announcements on the development of new

technologies and applications in this space. We are partnering with

government institutions, hospitals, doctors, public health quality organizations, and insurance companies. Contact - healthcare@winmec.ucla.edu.

Ongoing initiative:

Government Business of AEROSPACE/DEFENSE and HOMELAND SECURITY is increasingly looking at various RFID and wireless technologies for tracking/tracing/finding assets in hazardous and harsh environments. In addressing this market, we are refining and robustizing the ReWINS ASSET MONITOR TRACK system for attaching to containers/trucks to report back location/ temperature /humidity/ shock conditions while in transit to middleware platforms for delivery to enterprise applications. Contact - rewins@winmec.ucla.edu.

Upcoming Events (Contact conference@winmec.ucla.edu)

- Convergence Plus - Mobile Entertainment Media Forum, and, Mobile Enterprise/Carrier Forum, May 9, 2006 - http://winmec.ucla.edu/2006

- RFID Executive Forum, Theme - Streamlining Business, October 10,

2006 - http://www.winmec.ucla.edu/rfid/2006/

- CIO Impacts Forum, Theme - Mobile Business, Feb 21, 2007.

Other news:

WINMEC director participated on the board of the IIT Academic Research Council.

Joe Simms SVP of T-Mobile joined WINMEC Carrier Advisory Board.

Korean Minister, Mr. Roh Juh-hyung visited UCLA-WINMEC.

Should you have any questions about WINMEC's activities, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to continuing to work with our industry collaborators/sponsors and government institutions on challenging and novel endeavors.

Finally, UCLA-WINMEC is thankful to its sponsors/members/donors - BEI Technologies, Computer Associates, Ericsson, HP, Hughes Network Systems, Intel, ISMB, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, Magee Group, NSF, QUALCOMM, Printronix, Pillsbury Winthrop LLP, Raytheon, Satyam, SIEMENS, Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, Symbol, TCS America, Tata Infotech, UC-Discovery and Verizon Wireless.