Mid Quarterly Report - Q1, 2005
Director's Corner:

I thank you very much for your support and time.  If you would like to request copies of publications, presentations, reports on systems being developed, research reports, please contact winmec@winmec.ucla.edu.  This quarterly report is also available at http://www.winmec.ucla.edu/qreports.asp.  Please feel free to forward this quarterly report to members within your organization. 
Rajit Gadh, PhD
Professor, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, http://winmec.ucla.edu/director
Director, UCLA Wireless Internet for Mobile Enterprise Consortium (WINMEC) http://winmec.ucla.edu/
Director, Wireless Media Lab http://wireless.ucla.edu/wml

Research Update

The following research projects are now available for our member companies to get a demonstration in our labs.  These demonstrations would also be shown during the March annual conference.

i.                 RFID Middleware research - WinRFID Version 1.0 is now available for member companies on an evaluation basis (subject to internal approval).  Several companies are engaged with us on applying the RFID Middleware to their end application.  Key features of the WinRFID platform are listed at http://winmec.ucla.edu/winrfid.

ii.                Reconfigurable wireless interface for networking of sensors, or ReWINS Version 1.0 is available in our lab.  This embedded hardware platform allows a variety of Wireless networks (WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, Mote, etc.) to be connected to a high-data rate sensor with the ability to do feedback control over the wireless link.  For further information, please see http://winmec.ucla.edu/rewins

iii.               Mobile Multimedia Environment or MobiME – We continue to do research on our mobile multimedia delivery platform.  Two key applications for us over the next year are video delivery to cell phones and mobile game publishing platforms.  We are working on several new publications in Mobile Digital Rights Management.  For further information, please see http://winmec.ucla.edu/mobime

NSF-support for industry collaboration
we just received a planning grant from NSF to grow industry collaboration by becoming an NSF Industry-University Cooperative Research Center or NSF-IUCRC.  This NSF research proposal is being developed now.  By this partnership, companies will be able to pool research dollars with NSF providing a certain level of match, with each member company getting certain limited non-exclusive rights to use the technology for internal R&D (subject to final approval of UCLA I.P. office).  Industry partners will contribute $40K/year and will sign an NSF-UCLA agreement.  The meeting to discuss this partnership and the research projects that UCLA will work on will be held in early May, 2005, in UCLA.
Recent events

The RFID Hands-on forum on January 25th was held successfully, The following web site has an overview of this forum – http://www.wireless.ucla.edu/rfid/experience/.

Membership update:

I am pleased to inform you that Xoriant Corporation has joined UCLA-WINMEC with their CEO, Girish Gaitonde, representing the company on our advisory board. 

Planning for next events: 

Kindly note that the next RFID hands-on forum will be held on October 25th in UCLA Covel Commons, with RFID Executive Industry forum planned for October 26th.  For information on these events, please email: rfid@winmec.ucla.edu.   The 2006 Annual WINMEC Forum is scheduled for March 2006, with the exact dates to be posted on our web site soon. 


We are thankful to our sponsors: Hewlett Packard, Intel, Siemens, Sprint, Computer Associates, Northrop Grumman, Hughes Network Systems, TCS, Satyam, ISMB, Xoriant, Pillsbury Winthrop, Stradling Yocca Carlson and Rauth, Ericsson, BEI, Magee Group, Qualcomm, PDC, and Tata Infotech