Quarterly Report - Q2, 2005
Director's Corner:

I thank you very much for your support and time.  If you would like to request copies of publications, presentations, reports on systems being developed, research reports, please contact winmec@winmec.ucla.edu.  This quarterly report is also available at http://www.winmec.ucla.edu/qreports.asp.  Please feel free to forward this quarterly report to members within your organization. 
Rajit Gadh, PhD
Professor, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, http://winmec.ucla.edu/director
Director, UCLA Wireless Internet for Mobile Enterprise Consortium (WINMEC) http://winmec.ucla.edu/
Director, Wireless Media Lab http://wireless.ucla.edu/wml


The following platform technologies have now been made available as demonstration versions in our lab and for companies to propose collaborative projects with:

WinRFID Version 1.1 - An updated version of our RFID Middleware Technology ( http://winmec.ucla.edu/rfid ) was demonstrated at our June RFID forum ( http://www.winmec.ucla.edu/rfid//experience/jun2005/ ).  Additional features include support for the following applications: 
WinRFID in Supply Chain - http://www.wireless.ucla.edu/rfid/winrfid/supplychain.asp
WinRFID in Library Management - http://www.wireless.ucla.edu/rfid/winrfid/library.asp
WinRFID for Personnel and Asset Tracking - http://www.wireless.ucla.edu/rfid/winrfid/tracking.asp
WinRFID for location items on smart-shelf http://www.wireless.ucla.edu/rfid/winrfid/smartshelf.asp
RFID in DVD Digital Rights Protection - http://www.wireless.ucla.edu/rfid/winrfid/rfiddvd.asp

Siemens, Tata Infotech and ISMB of Italy have recently installed WinRFID Version 1.1 for internal evaluation and R&D.  Version 1.2 follows in Fall 05.  For further information, please email rfid@winmec.ucla.edu .

ReWINS - Version 1.2 of the ReWINS Platform (reconfigurable wireless interface for networking of sensors) was demonstrated at the June Forum.  Sensors now supported include motion sensors, temperature sensors and humidity sensors.  Our "reconfigurable" approach to the development of wireless sensor systems allows rapid adaptation of existing circuitry and embedded solution for new application requirements.  Current applications of interest and those that have been researched include industrial automation, aerospace, automotive, patient monitoring and wide-area (GPS) location and tracking.  For more information, please see http://winmec.ucla.edu/rewins .

05/12/2005  Group Studies RFID to Stop Digital Piracy, RFID Journal

06/29/2005  Presentation at IEEE-EMBS. http://www.bv-embs-chapter.com/44f0758e-a1cc-4ad4-9679-8e62d51051fc-9.html
05/20/2005  Panelist at Global IIT Conference, May 20-22nd, 2005.  http://www.iit2005.org/speakers/speakers.shtm
04/20/2005  Keynote address at Central Coast MIT Forum on RFID: Wirelessly Tracking Objects From Cradle to Grave April, 20th, 2005, Thousand Oaks, CA.  http://www.centralcoastmit.com/events.php?id=78


ReWINS: A Distributed Multi-RF Sensor Control Network for Industrial Automation, EEE Wireless Telecommunication Symposium WTS 2005, Pomona, California, http://www.wireless.ucla.edu/techreports2/REWINS_UCLA_WTS_edited.pdf
RFID moves beyond supply chain mandates, http://www.computerworld.com/mobiletopics/mobile/story/0,10801,100886,00.html?SKC=mobile-100886


This summer, 9 visiting students from Universities in Korea are working on projects in the UCLA-Wireless Media Lab.  These projects will result in demonstrations and project reports in RFID, Security, Wireless Media and Wireless Sensor Embedded platforms. 

We recently received a grant from the Intel Higher Educational Program for equipment related to educational/research activities in WinRFID
We recently completed and delivered a prototypical wireless-sensor interface hardware, embedded software and application software to BEI Technologies for potential use in Industrial Automation applications.  For further information email info@winmec.ucla.edu .

- RFID Forum - Impact Across Verticals: October 25th ( http://winmec.ucla.edu/hands-on ) Hands-on Forum, and October 26th 2005, ( http://winmec.ucla.edu/rfidforum ) is the Industry Forum and Conference.

- CIO Forum on Managing Enterprise Mobility and Security, February 7th 2006, http://cio-conference.ucla.edu/ .  CIOs will speak on Mobility, Security and the confluence of the two.  Speakers include Kevin Dabney, EVP, Wells Fargo Services, Tsvi Gal, CIO, Warner Music Group,  Louis Hook, CIO, LAX airport,  Dianah Neff, CIO, City of Philadelphia,  Niraj Patel, EVP and CIO, GMAC Commercial Mortgage and Amar Singh, VP, SAP.

- WINMEC Annual Forum 2006 - Mobile Simplicity.  Brings together Hollywood, Wireless Carriers and Enterprises implementing mobility in UCLA, May 9th 2006, http://winmec.ucla.edu/2006/ .  This emphasis for this forum is simplifying the mobile experience in the wake of a plethora of increasingly complex and converging technologies - both for the consumer and the enterprise.
To nominate a speaker or sponsor a forum, please email conference@winmec.ucla.edu .

NSF WICAT Collaboration
We continue to develop and refine our plan to join the NSF's Industry University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) program.  Corporate sponsors interested in joining this activity would have access to shared non-exclusive intellectual property (subject to final approval by UCLA I.P. office).  A variety of wireless internet/RFID projects are available to partner companies.

We are thankful to our sponsors: Hewlett Packard, Intel, Siemens, Sprint, Computer Associates, Northrop Grumman, Hughes Network Systems, TCS, Satyam, ISMB, Xoriant, Pillsbury Winthrop, Stradling Yocca Carlson and Rauth, Ericsson, BEI, Magee Group, Qualcomm, PDC, and Tata Infotech