Quarterly Report - Q3, 2007 ~ Q2, 2008

The last year (July 07 - June 08) has been a very interesting one in which we have found ourselves working on research projects that involve wireless, mobile and RFID technologies as applied to a wide array of industries ranging from Media/Entertainment to Sports to Retail to Medicine and Pharmaceuticals. While certain areas of wireless / mobility such as networks are converging, others such as sophistication of mobile devices or RFID technologies are diverging.

This all results in new and exciting opportunities and challenges. We have been busy digging the trenches of technology and business models in several verticals and have started some new initiatives as well. The annual report enclosed below is meant to provide you a glimpse into our activities. Should you wish to discuss any of our activities in detail, please contact our liaison office at winmecmanager@winmec.ucla.edu.


  • Some of the highlights were in the following areas and have been described in detail below: Web 2.0 in Sports/Entertainment, Tracking of Pharmaceuticals with RFID, Medical Error Reduction in Radiology and Healthcare, and, Retail. We have started new initiatives in Environmentally conscious product design of electronics/wireless/RFID enabled products.



  • We held successful forums on themes that tie into our research programs: RFID, Healthcare, CIO Impacts Forum on Convergence, Green-tech, and, Entertainment Media. Some of the organizations that spoke at our forums include - Motorola, Qualcomm, Raytheon, Nokia, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Maersk, NXP, Sempra, Kimberly Clark, HP, GM, Siemens, Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Ericsson, State of Utah, Walt Disney Studios, City of Los Angeles, Wipro, Disney Consumer Products, Disney-ABC Television, Helio, Fox Mobile Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television International, Fox Mobile Studios, Thomson Reuters, Universal Music Group-eLabs, Nokia, Accenture, IMG World, Symantec, Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Edison, Cisco Systems, LADWP, and others.

  • Our upcoming Forums are on the following dates
  • - RFID Executive Forum - October 15, 2008
    http://winmec.ucla.edu/rfidexec. Speakers from Boeing, IBM, and, NYK Logistics are confirmed. Speaker nominations and sponsorships are being accepted now.
    - RFID Healthcare and Pharma Mini-forum, Retail Mini-forum - October 15, 2008.
    - CIO Impacts Forum, Feb 25, 2009
    - Energy and Environment Technologies Forum - February 25, 2009
    - Wireless and Mobile Media - May 2009
    For further information on any of the forums, please contact conference@winmec.ucla.edu.


  • UCLA-WINMEC is introducing an Annual Award for the most Innovative Mobile and Wireless Company. A UCLA-WINMEC based program committee would constitute the decision-making authority in consultation with the WINMEC advisory board. For further information on sponsorship or participation email - info@winmec.ucla.edu.


  • Mobi-Sports/Live
    BRINGING WEB 2.0 INTO MOBILE MEDIA SPORTS Mobi-Sports/Live research project involves developing a Web 2.0 platform on wireless mobile devices for live sports activities. The project includes a pilot study in the context of university sports using the two unique features of our research - (i) Web 2.0 (user generated content) and (ii) Location-based actionable items and games. For further info - mobime@winmec.ucla.edu, and, http://winmec.ucla.edu/mobime.

  • Radiotrak
    TRACKING RADIOLOGY PROCESSES Radiotrak is a pilot research project that uses wireless and RFID technologies to track processes within a Radiology clinic in a hospital. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the feasibility of using wireless/RFID to tag patients, their Computed Radiography (CR) Plates, and Radiology Technologists to track, and minimize human errors in Radiology using the system RadioTrak developed in the UCLA RFID lab.

  • Specimentrak
    TRACKING ANATOMICAL SPECIMENS AND MATERIALS SpecimenTrak is a system developed in conjunction with the University of California Hospitals for tracking anatomical specimens using RFID. The system automates the workflow of anatomical materials services throughout the entire duration of the life cycle (receipt, inventory, allocation and disposal) of a specimen. Potential benefits are data entry error mitigation, improved productivity and accountability, better security and anti-pilferage measures, automatic supervisory oversight, rapid inventory reconciliation, and better regulatory and protocol compliance monitoring. For further information - specimentrak@winmec.ucla.edu.

  • California ePedigree Pharma Mandate
    A UCLA CONSORTIUM UCLA-WINMEC has taken a leadership position on the California ePedigree Pharma mandate, with the Director having addressed the California board of pharmacy on March 25, 2008. We are putting together a consortium called the UCLA ePedigree Pharma Consortium to showcase how to achieve epedigree compliance with minimal cost and investment. Several pharma companies including manufacturers and wholesalers have been invited to participate. The kickoff meeting will be held on October 16th in UCLA. Details at http://winmec.ucla.edu/pharma. For further info -


  • Greentech and Environment
    STUDY OF HARMFUL WIRELESS AND ELECTRONICS/RFIDs in TOYS With the rapid increase in wireless/RFID and semi-conductor chips being added to toys and related merchandise, there is increased concern by society on the hazardous effect of such electronics on children that use the toys as well the effects of disposing such toys and its effect on society as a whole. We have initiated a research project on the study of the harmful effects of embedded wireless and electronics within toys and merchandise. This research involves performing virtual dissection of toys and merchandise for evaluating hazardous electronics and coming up with new electronic paradigms to support industrial ecology by way of recommendations for greener products. An advisory board is currently being formed on which companies such as HP, Intel, Qualcomm, T.I. Motorola, and other leaders are being invited to participate. Details at http://winmec.ucla.edu/greentech or email greentech@winmec.ucla.edu.

  • Retail supply chain
    BRINGING DIVERSE RFID AND SENSORS INTO BUSINESS The retail industry continues to lead in the use of RFID to solve its supply chain concerns. Recently, Sam's club has its renewed RFID mandate for labeling all sellable units by 2010, giving further impetus to retailers to invest in RFID beyond the pallet level. Going one step further, retailers now need to look at their own manufacturing processes to see if they can benefit by having RFID integrated right into their manufacturing plants by tagging assembled products. This requires a collaborative framework developed on RFID - which is being investigated in the current research. For further info - info@winmec.ucla.edu.

A NEW SERVICE OFFERING: MedTest - Testing RFID equipment in hospitals

  • Electro-magnetic interference is a phenomenon that may occur between two medical devices operating at a given frequency or between an RFID/RF device and a medical device within the hospital. This new service will help in the testing and (in the near future) certification of such medical hardware. The service is supported by a host of RFID hardware and the WinRFID middleware software program in the UCLA Lab and the two together allow set up, test, measurement, refinement and analysis of such RFID and RF-enabled medical equipment devices within a hospital.
    Contact - medtest@winmec.ucla.edu, http://winmec.ucla.edu/medtest.


  • UCLA-WINMEC has received an invitation from IEEE to work on a special issue of a publication on the field of RFID. If you are interested in submitting a paper or being involved in some manner, send email to ieee2008@winmec.ucla.edu. On October 16, we are planning on a day-long event for interested speakers to present their research abstracts. The conference program committee will recommend the high quality research abstracts/presentations to write full papers for this special issue. Event registration web site - http://www.winmec.ucla.edu/rfid/AcademicForum/2008/.


  • ITC INFOTECH (new member company) CEO, Sanjiv Puri, joins the WINMEC advisory board

  • CSC's (Computer Sciences Corporation) CIO, David McCue joins CIO IMPACTS Advisory Board

  • Los Angeles World Airports, CIO, Dominic Nessi joins the CIO IMPACTS Advisory Board.

  • Universal Records, Senior VP Digital Business Development, Cameo Carlson, joins WINMEC Entertainment Media Advisory Board

  • Fox Interactive Media, SVP & GM, Mobile, John Smelzer, joins WINMEC Entertainment Media Advisory Board

  • Fox Entertainment Group, VP, Digital Media, Beth Kearns, joins WINMEC Entertainment Media Advisory Board

  • Fox Mobile Entertainment's, Vice President for Content Production and Distribution, Miriam Holzman, joins WINMEC Entertainment Media Advisory Board - Focus Group Content.

  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Terminal Systems Coordinator, Theresa Weiss, joins WINMEC RFID Advisory Board

  • Motorola, Director Tom Racette joins RFID advisory board



  • WINMEC Director is guest editor of Special issue on RFID and Supply Chain Management, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, Volume 3, issue 1, 2008.