Quarterly Report - Q3 and Q4, 2003
Director's Corner:

On behalf of UCLA-WINMEC staff I thank you for your support of our activities. We welcome you to the upcoming CIO Forum on Feb 18th, 2004. Enclosed please find a combined progress report for the last two quarters (Q3 and Q4, 2003). For your information, this quarterly report is also available on WINMEC's web site http://winmec.ucla.edu/.

I wish you all the best for 2004 and look forward to continue working with you in making WINMEC successful.

Kind regards,


Rajit Gadh, PhD
Professor, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science,
Director, UCLA Wireless Internet for Mobile Enterprise Consortium (WINMEC)
Director, Wireless Media Lab http://wireless.ucla.edu/wml


Our fifth wireless internet conference with the theme of convergence (http://wireless.ucla.edu/2003w) held in October 2003 was very successful with approximately 95 speakers.Our upcoming CIO Forum on Feb 18, 2004 (http://cio-conference.ucla.edu) is being hosted in partnership with the UCLA Anderson School of Business/CMIE and is progressing very well with speakers that include CIO/heads of Information Technology (I.T.) from Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Cisco, Qualcomm, Broadcom, NIST, City of LA, Countrywide Financial, IBM, Lucent, Computer Associates and Siemens. I would look forward to seeing you at this event where these experts will talk about how I.T. is changing as a result of globalization and how wireless/mobile technologies are affecting I.T.

New WINMEC Members
We had four new members join WINMEC:
  • Qualcomm, Advisory board member - Jan Dehesh, Senior Vice President
  • France Telecom, Advisory board member - Anish Srivastava, Director
  • Wibhu Technologies
  • BEI Technologies, Advisory board member - Dr. Asad Madni
New Special Interest Groups-WINMEC
Special interest groups were formed with respective advisory boards for the key WINMEC research areas:
  • RFID Systems - board formed, met Oct 29th 2003,
  • Media and Entertainment - board formed, met Oct 30th 2003
  • Wi-Fi - board being formed, meeting planned 2004
  • Wireless network/device Security - board being formed, meeting planned for 2004
  • UWB (Ultra Wide Band) - board being formed, meeting planned for 2004
If you are a WINMEC member and are interested in participating or inviting someone to participate on these boards, please send an email to winmec AT wireless DOT ucla DOT edu with contact information of the person you wish to invite.
Research Reports
A series of tech-reports and business reports were developed (latter via support from the UCLA Price Center)
  • An Overview of Wi-Fi Hotspot Pricing Models, Ted Hillstaed
  • Mobile graphics on PDA: Introduction to SVG, Xiaoyong Su, B. S. Prabhu, Rajit Gadh
  • RF-id based general wireless sensor interface, Xiaoyong Su, B. S. Prabhu, Rajit Gadh
  • A Study of RFID Smart Parts, Zhekun Li, Rajit Gadh, B.S. Prabhu
  • Study of potential of Wireless Internet Technologies in Manufacturing, Zhekun Li, Rajit Gadh, Fan Yujina and B. S. Prabhu
  • Middleware for Multimedia Mobile Collaborative System, Xiaoyong Su, B. S. Prabhu, Chi-Cheng Chu, Rajit Gadh
  • 802.16 Network Planning Tool, Harish Ramamurthy and Rajit Gadh
  • Market Opportunity: 802.16 and WiMAX, Richard Yen
  • Efficient broadband multi-media data distribution over the Internet using Multicast, Harish Ramamurthy and Rajit Gadh

WINMEC members may request these reports by emailing winmec AT wireless DOT ucla DOT edu or going to the following web page: http://www.winmec.ucla.edu/reports.htm.

Research Support

  • Intel continued its support for the MOBIME project for a second year
  • HP continued its support for the Mobile Education project with Co-P.I.s Rajit Gadh and Mario Gerla for a second year
  • BEI funded an RFID-middleware research project involving instrumentation and control of sensors and actuators.
  • NSF funded 2003 WINMEC event
  • UC Discovery support for 2003 WINMEC event
The current WINMEC members are: Hewlett Packard, Intel, Siemens, Oracle, Computer Associates, Northrop Grumman, TCS, Satyam, Hughes Network Systems, ISMB, Intelleflex, Stradling Yocca Carlson and Rauth, SSD, Qualcomm, France Telecom, BEI and Wibhu Technologies.

Hewlett Packard Intel Siemens Oracle Computer Associates
Northrop Grumman IT Hughes Network Systems TCS America Satyam Computer Services Istituto Superiore - Mario Boella
Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth Squire Sanders Intelleflex Qualcomm Qualcomm
BEI France Telecom