Quarterly Report - Q3,Q4 2006

The last two quarters were busy for WINMEC with the addition of three new members to WINMEC: Motorola, with Dr. Fred Kitson, Senior Vice President, as member of the WINMEC general advisory board; Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI-Korea) with Dr. Heung-Name Kim, Vice President, as member of the WINMEC general advisory board; and Kestrel Wireless with Senior Vice President, Frank Lo Verme, as member of the WINMEC RFID advisory board. NEW INITIATIVES launched have been in the areas of RFID and Wireless for Healthcare, Mobile Web 2.0 Convergence, Seamless Mobility in Enterprise I.T., and New Paradigms for RFID in Retail (closed-loop, item-level). UPCOMING on February 21, 2007, is the CIO Impacts Forum at UCLA.


  • The United States spends roughly 20% of its GDP in Healthcare. As the I.T. infrastructure is increasing, so is healthcare complexity, resulting in islands of automation and increasing costs. We are investigating how wireless, mobile devices and RFID can be systematically used in tracking and monitoring of assets, equipment, inventory, patients, and, staff, with the purpose of understanding and streamlining processes. A software platform to enable this activity is being developed in partnership with healthcare providers. The current applications selected include Pediatrics, Specimen Tracking and Radiology and are being trialed in collaboration with hospitals.


  • The proliferation of converged mobile media devices that can be used to create, mix, and, share content (videos and music) is resulting in opportunities for a new class of applications included in Mobile Web 2.0. One of such opportunities is Digital Rights Management that is of concern to the Big Hollywood studios. At the recently held 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, this was a major topic of discussion. Research by WINMEC over the last few years in DRM for mobile devices tries to bring in P2P network frameworks for providing legitimate and subscription-based content consumption. Another research project attempts to use an embedded RFID chip within media storage such as DVDs for achieving DRM and supply chain/retail tracking.


  • With all the hype about convergence, the increased complexity of networks and devices continues to defy seamlessness. WINMEC is creating a platform for thought leadership to discuss technology and business issues surrounding seamless mobility in wireless and wireless enterprise I.T. infrastructure. Issues of research include Security, mobility, wireless infrastructure management, quality of service, media content management, scalability, etc. To kick off the thought leadership in this area, a meeting is being organized on February 21, 2007 (http://cio-conference.ucla.edu/).


  • As retail is becomes increasingly global, tracking the movement of goods is becoming important to optimize inventory, reduce pile-up, smooth inventory flow, etc. While open-loop inventory control with suppliers using RFID-enabled EPC network has been actively explored within open loop architectures, there exist several closed loop networks which when locally optimized can generate significant value to retailers. Another discipline providing value is item-level tracking which has the potential to become a reality faster than predicted due to rapid advancements in embeddable and printable tag technology, and WINMEC has been investigating how item-level tracking technologies and solutions can benefit retail by way of middleware approaches. In collaboration with retailers, distributors, shippers and logistics providers, we are researching these topics in our RFID Lab at UCLA (http://winmec.ucla.edu/rfid). We are also formulating a new Retail-RFID Advisory Board from this gro! up of collaborators for closed loop and item-level tracking technologies, applications and business case studies.

AFORUM HELD - RFID EXEC FORUM, October 2006, http://www.winmec.ucla.edu/rfid/2006/.

  • At the annual RFID Executive Forum, participants presented a new set of applications in various verticals where RFID is being applied including logistics, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, pharma, electronics, etc. Some of the organizations participating included: Maersk, NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips), Michelin, BT-Group, Boeing, Motorola, HP, St. Luke’s Medical System, SAP, and others.

UPCOMING - CIO IMPACTS FORUM (http://cio-conference.ucla.edu/), Feb 21, 2007 

  • The theme of this year's forum is seamless and Mobile Enterprise Coverage in a Heterogeneous Networked World. CIOs and CTOs from diverse industry segments such as Entertainment Media, Telecom, Healthcare, Finance/Insurance, Technology, Aerospace/Defense, Energy and Municipal/Government, will be sharing how they are achieving Seamless Mobility in their organizations. Speakers include: Hardik Bhatt, CIO of City of Chicago, Chris Vein, CIO of City of San Francisco, George Chappelle, CIO of Sara Lee Corp., Keith Glennan, CIO of Northrop Grumman Corp., Cora Carmody, CIO of SAIC, Vaho Rebassoo - CTO of Boeing - IT Services, Celia Lin - CIO of Chevron - Corporate Departments, Jerome Beaudoin - CIO of Devon Energy, and others.

UPCOMING - RFID HANDS-ON WORKSHOP, March 20, 2007, http://winmec.ucla.edu/handson.  

  • Hands-on training on state-of-the-art in RFID hardware coupled with business cases, strategies, best practices, technologies, and middleware are discussed. UCLA-WINMEC RFID research is presented (http://winmec.ucla.edu/rfid).

UPCOMING CONVERGENCE 2007 - Achieving Mobile Web 2.0 via Convergence of Content, Devices and Networks for Commerce, May 2, http://winmec.ucla.edu/2007

  • The next generation of the Mobile Web - Version 2.0 - is expected to vastly expand the scope of media content generation by allowing one or more mobile internet users to singly or jointly create and consume content. The forum will address challenges arising as a result of Mobile Web 2.0 in the Convergence of Content, Devices and Networks to achieve Commerce for the Consumer and Enterprise markets. Experts from Media-entertainment organizations (in particular Hollywood), Content Aggregators, Network Providers, Infrastructure Organizations and Enterprises will be invited.

UPCOMING - RFID Executive Forum - Please plan for the next RFID Executive Forum, October 2007.


  • Kenny Miller, Exec Vice President, Global Digital Media, MTVN, Viacom joined the WINMEC Media-Entertainment Advisory Board.



  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Based Multi-Level Graphics Representation for Engineering Rich-Content Exchange in Mobile

Collaboration Computing Environments, Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, June 2006, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp. 96-102.

  • Enable Engineering Document in Mobile Computing Environment, IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks, 26-29 June 2006, Buffalo, NY, USA, Xiaoyong Su, Chicheng Chu , B.S. Prabhu and Rajit Gadh
  • Wireless Industrial Monitoring and Control using a Smart Sensor Platform, Harish Ramamurthy, B.S. Prabhu and Rajit Gadh, to appear in IEEE Sensors, Sensors-01184-2006.

Visiting Researchers

  • Dr. Choong Sup Yoon completed his year-long stay at WINMEC and returned to Korea at Hanbat National University. He worked on interfacing of RFID and Sensors with embedded technology while he was in UCLA.
  • WINMEC is hosting an increasing number of international visiting researchers in the upcoming year ?two from France, one from Korea, one from Hong Kong and one from India. We encourage WINMEC members to actively explore collaboration by way of visiting researchers to our facility.

WINMEC in the news

  • 2006 - WINMEC Director joins Pan IIT Academic Research Council http://www.iit.org/paniit.php and participates in Pan IIT Conference, Dec 24, Mumbai, 2006 http://www.paniit2006.org/programme/programme.php
  • 08/22/2006 - WINMEC faculty participates in program committee of First International Workshop on RFID Technology (IWRT'07) ICEIS, http://www.iceis.org/
  • 07/26/2006 - WINMEC researcher quoted in MIT Technology Review, http://www.technologyreview.com/read_article.aspx?ch=infotech&sc=&id=17182&pg=2

WINMEC thanks its members, sponsors, collaborators, participants and readers for their involvement with our activities and we look forward to a productive 2007.