Quarterly Report - Q4, 2005
Director's Corner:

Wishing you a very happy new year in 2006.

For UCLA WINMEC, the last quarter of 2005 was remarkably productive including launching new research areas in RFID, Metro Wi-Fi and Mobile Entertainment Media, exploring new markets for collaboration (Korea), addition of fresh members to WINMEC (Lockheed Martin and Raytheon), Intellectual Property creation (patents, publications) and addition of a new set of advisory board members from retail/food, healthcare, entertainment, logistics defense and aerospace industries. 

I thank you very much for your support and time.  If you would like to request copies of publications, presentations, reports on systems being developed, research reports, please contact winmec@winmec.ucla.edu.  This quarterly report is also available at http://www.winmec.ucla.edu/qreports.asp.  Please feel free to forward this quarterly report to members within your organization. 
Rajit Gadh, PhD
Professor, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, http://winmec.ucla.edu/director
Director, UCLA Wireless Internet for Mobile Enterprise Consortium (WINMEC) http://winmec.ucla.edu/
Director, Wireless Media Lab http://wireless.ucla.edu/wml

Henry Samueli School of Engg and Applied Science, UCLA 420 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095 Contact Email - assistanttodirector@winmec.ucla.edu, 310 267 4892

New research directions

Technology platforms now available in the lab for collaborative research projects are as follows:

1. RFID in Aerospace and defense (http://winmec.ucla.edu/rfid) - We have launched an initiative in RFID as applied to aerospace and defense industries.  We are currently putting together an advisory board from our collaborating organizations.  For further information, email rfiddod@winmec.ucla.edu.

For further information on the WinRFID middleware, please contact winrfid@winmec.ucla.edu.

2. Metro Wi-Fi -Several cities in the United States as well as across the world are looking to go down the path of installing a WiFi Cloud over their metros.  Cities investigating this opportunity include Philadelphia, Atlanta, London, San Francisco, and others.  Coming up with an acceptable public-private business model is key to the success of this endeavor as is finding a technology architecture that is sufficiently scalable - we are investigating both these areas of research.  At our upcoming CIO Forum on February 7, 2006, we will discuss this emerging market.

3. Mobile Entertainment Gaming and Video http://winmec.ucla.edu/mobime) Research - Gaming and Video on mobile devices is increasingly becoming a greater source of data revenues for mobile carriers.  Research projects based on our MobiME architecture involve developing of content delivery platforms and digital rights management for mobile devices/networks. 


- RFID for Department of Defense (DoD) and its suppliers – The RFID mandates by DoD are affecting its suppliers by way of increasing their cost without necessarily allowing them to recoup their investment. WINMEC is collaborating with DoD and its suppliers in helping the suppliers understand how they can convert their mandated RFID investment to technological and business advantage for themselves. If you are part of DoD or a DoD contractor and are interested in collaborating with WINMEC, please contact rfid-dod@winmec.ucla.edu.

- Wireless technologies in Automotive Industry (http://winmec.ucla.edu/automotive) Wireless technologies can play a major role in the automobile of the future 5 to 10 years from now both from a consumer (entertainment, movies, music, games, news) and enterprise (maintenance, manufacturing, supply chain) standpoint. We invite companies to participate in this collaborative initiative that will bring media, technology and automotive companies together. Contact info@winmec.ucla.edu.

Technology Updates

- WinRFID Version 2.0 is now available (http://winmec.ucla.edu/rfid).  Key new features in this version include: Closed-loop RFID reader and device management, Dynamic update of reader parameters, Web based management interface, Smart filtration of RFID data, and, EPC capability.  The WinRFID platform allows rapid development of RFID-enabled enterprise applications.  For further information, email winrfid@winmec.ucla.edu

- ReWINS (http://winmec.ucla.edu/rewins) - Our embedded wireless platform was used to develop remote wireless monitoring system for cold chain tracking.  Called ReWINS Asset Monitor Track, this system allows real time (via GPRS) monitoring of goods shipped where location (GPS), temperature, humidity, chemicals (via sensors), etc. are measured and reported.  For further info, email rewins@winmec.ucla.edu.


New Advisory Board Members/Companies

- Lockheed Martin - Ajit Kapoor, Director and Chief Architect, joins the UCLA-WINMEC and CIO Advisory Board

- Raytheon - Allen Marks, Senior IT Architect, UCLA WINMEC Advisory Board

- Warner Brothers Music - David Dorn, Senior Vice President of New Media Strategy, joins our Mobile Entertainment - Media Advisory Board . St. Luke's Medical Center - John Wade, CIO, joins our RFID Advisory Board

- Nestle - Wil Santos, Manager, joins our RFID Advisory Board

- Embarcadero Systems - Keith Dierkx, Sr Vice President, RFID Advisory Board.

Project Delivered

- SpecimenTrak - This system allows inventory tracking of organic specimens via an R/W RFID infrastructure.  The prototypical system has been delivered to the UC Irvine Medical facility and they are exploring its use for the UC Willed Body Program, potentially in all 5 UC Medical campuses.


Lectures Given

- 11/16/2005 Panelist at TechBiz Connection, Nov 16, Business Wire
- 11/10/2005 Dr. Gadh gives distinguished talk at Daegu International Embedded Systems Conference, 2005, in November, DEC, Korea
WINMEC Membership Grows
Lockheed Martin and Raytheon have joined as the newest WINMEC members. 
Publications and Patents Filed
- Low-cost RFID-based positioning system for Inventory Management, Xiaoyong Su, B. S.Prabhu, Chi-Cheng Chu, Rajit Gadh, UCLA Case No. UC 2006-257 (Patent Pending)

- Smart sensor platform for industrial monitoring and control Harish Ramamurthy, B.S. Prabhu, Rajit Gadh and Asad Madni, IEEE Sensors 2005, Oct 31 - Nov 3, Irvine, CA

- Radio Frequency Identification of Katrina Hurricane Victims, Rajit Gadh & B. S. Prabhu, to appear "In the Spotlight" of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.

- Mobile DRM for Multimedia Content Commerce in P2P Networks, Chi-Cheng Chu, Xiaoyong Su, Shiv Prabhu, Rajit Gadh, Swetha Kurup, Sridhar Gangadharpalli and Sridhar V.

- Our second annual RFID Industry Forum was held in October 2005 with over 100 participants from industry, government and academia.  The next event is scheduled for October 10, 2006 in UCLA.

- RFID in DoD - We held a meeting with different groups within DoD to discuss the status of DoD mandates on RFID, where DoD is going with RFID, and presented an RFID architecture based on WinRFID that would be relevant for DoD's complex and federated needs.  The next meeting is planned in Q3, 2006.
Upcoming Events and Activities
- CIO Impacts Forum - (co-sponsored by EDS, Lucent, Verizon Wireless, and, IT Global Solutions Inc.) Feb 7, 2006 in UCLA - http://cio-conference.ucla.edu/.
- Mobile Entertainment Media Forum - Theme Convergence+, http://winmec.ucla.edu/entertainmentmedia
- Mobile Enterprise and Carrier Forum - Theme Convergence+, http://winmec.ucla.edu/enterprise
WINMEC in the news
- 12/05/2005  GPS track-and-trace demo - UCLA WINMEC's REWINS Asset Track, packworld.com
- 11/21/2005  Panelists weigh potential RFID security threats, EETimes
- 10/31/2005  RFID Classes Hit Business Schools, Techweb
- 10/18/2005  UCLA-WINMEC Demonstrates RFID, Tech Web
- 10/13/2005  WINMEC Mentioned - RFID Training Rampup, Line56
- 10/12/2005  Radio Frequency Identification Technology Forum to Be Hosted by Engineering's WINMEC, UCLA Engineering
. 10/11/2005  RFID-DVD Technology Highlighted in UCLA Today, UCLA Today
. 09/26/2005  Microwave gives boost to wireless networks, Statesman.com
. 09/26/2005  MuniWireless: U.S. Municipalities to Spend Nearly $700M on Wireless Networks in Next Three Years, TMCnet
. 09/22/2005  Dr. Gadh Quoted in Wall Street Journal: Dr.Cellular Firms Cook Up Microwave Plan, FiberTower Web Site, Original Article in Wall Street Journal
Closing Comments
Finally - I would like to remind you to put down on your calendars February 7, 2006 as the day of our CIO Impacts Forum, when CIOs from a variety of industry segments including aerospace/defense (Raytheon, Boeing), entertainment/media (Warner Music Group), technology (Sun, SAP, EDS), Metro/Public/Educational Services (City of LA, City of Philadelphia, City of Atlanta, LAX Airport), Automotive (GMAC, Hyundai IS), Telecom (Nortel, BT) and Enterprise (Simplot, IT Global, Morgan Lewis),  are coming together to discuss the burning issues of Security and Mobility for the CIO.

We are grateful to the following sponsors for supporting WINMEC activities: BEI Technologies, Computer Associates, Ericsson, HP, Hughes Network Systems, Intel, ISMB, Lockheed Martin, Magee Group, Northrop Grumman, Precision Dynamics Corporation, Pillsbury Winthrop LLP, QUALCOMM, Raytheon, RF Code, Satyam, SIEMENS, Sprint, Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, TCS America, Tata Infotech, UC-Discovery, Xoriant.