November 17, 2005 at UCLA

REWINS Asset-Monitor Track



WINMEC is pleased to announce its wireless-GPS-sensor technology for remote real-time as well as off-line tracking and monitoring of food, medical, grocery, and retail shipments within trucks and shipping containers. The technology called ReWINS: Asset-Monitor Track (, targeted for supply chain, provides comprehensive real-time asset visibility.  Sensors such as temperature, vibration, humidity help determine the ambient conditions and the location data binds the context. GPS provides location info and GPRS provides data connectivity to the back-end asset tracking systems.

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Shipping sensitive materiel by DoD

Based on the real-time information about the condition and location of the shipment provided by ReWINS-Asset-Monitor Track, actions can be taken, including re-routing, maintaining records and/or distress calls. These actions and other operational parameters like data collection schemes, data reporting, exception reporting, forwarding logic etc. are defined in real-time via a knowledge-capture mechanism that provides for direct download of rules into the embedded system. The operational and control parameters can be modified dynamically.

Due to limited lab-space and participation from WINMEC's current industry research sponsors, there are limited seats available for the workshop. All interested parties must submit an application, before being allowed to register. If we are able to accomodate you, we will contact you by email.

Submit registration applications here

Accepted participants will view a live demonstration in UCLA or logon to our website to see the demo operations.  Teleconference will be provided.  When you register, please let us know if you are planning on coming in person or participating via the web site.

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