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Hands On Workshop - October 14, 2008

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Coming soon, Feb 24, Los Angeles, RFID Hands On Workshop


The October 14, 2008 Workshop:

RFID as a discipline has now started to penetrate industries beyond retail including automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, homeland security, energy, utilities, transportation and logistics, airlines, etc. Implementing RFID within an application requires simultaneously answering the following questions:

i) What is the business case for the investment in RFID?
ii) Which RFID technology (readers, middleware, tags) is most appropriate?
iii) What type of re-engineering of the business processes is required? and,
iv) How would the integration of the RFID infrastructure with the existing infrastructure be performed (software, hardware)?

The answer to these questions can be somewhat complex. On October 14, 2008, faculty and researchers from UCLA-WINMEC RFID Lab who have been working on RFID for several years, will address these and other issues that arise in the process of using RFID for the enterprise. In addition to the enhancing their knowledge-base about the real-world use of RFID, participants will get to see live technical demonstrations of some RFID applications. Industrially relevant RFID case studies and their results will also be presented. Attendees get to experience a variety of RFID technologies and see the use of the WinRFID middleware in conjunction with the existing RFID hardware in UCLA to get a first hand experience with several potential industrial RFID applications. The workshop and demonstrations will be held in UCLA.

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Topics   Schedule

RFID reader features and their characteristics, Tag protocols, tag operations, Tag-reader interaction


Integrated deployment of different technologies - UHF, HF, and LF


Integration of GPS and GPRS/CDMA to RFID for asset tracking


Creating RFID solutions, their deployment and RFID network management using WinRFID middleware


Web services oriented architecture for RFID application deployment


Industries covered: retail, defense, aerospace, healthcare, drug delivery, pharmaceuticals, automotive and manufacturing


Business case studies and ROI analysis; RFID business case in large enterprises and SMEs


EPC GEN2 - technology and time frame of deployment by industry


RFID Regulation and Mandates - Federal Government Real I.D. Act, California Identity Information Protection Act, FDA/state pharma requirements


Examples of Business Process Modifications and engineering system modifications in RFID deployments


RFID and Sensor Networks integrated solutions in Industrial Environments


Discussion of tangible improvement in processes by deploying RFID technology across industry verticals


Phased and incremental approach to middleware-based RFID solutions

8:30 - 9:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 - 10:00 RFID Introduction
10:00 -


RFID Applications and Case Studies
11:15 -


Coffee Break
11:30 - 12:30 RFID Hardware - Readers, Tags; Standards & Mandates
12:30 - 1:00 Lunch
1:00 -


RFID Middleware - WinRFID
2:30 - 5:00 Hands-on Demonstrations in the Lab - experience readers and tags from a variety of vendors; of different RF technologies - Passive LF, HF, and UHF & Active; EPC and non-EPC and Integrated RFID sensors
5:00 - 6:00 Break
6:00 - 7:30 Cocktail Networking
Contents of the workshop can be changed at any time

Program   Hands-on Session and Demonstrations

The program is organized as per the topics below. It will be followed by the hands-on sessions and demonstrations.

RFID Introduction:
RFID technology - hardware, middleware and application software. Different application scenarios and opportunities; problems faced by current adopters and changes prescribed including a sample of required business process re-engineering; current industrial technologies and RFID initiatives.

RFID Standards and Mandates:
Current standards such as EPC, ISO, etc., covering low frequency to ultra high frequency RFID technologies. Standards-based focus on interoperability. Update on the mandates or requirements from Wal-Mart, DoD (UID), FDA (e-pedigree) and others, how the suppliers are coping (readiness of technology, time given to them, etc.), how the rollout of RFID is progressing.

RFID Hardware:
Different RFID readers and transponders (tags) covering low frequency to ultra high frequency, active and passive technologies will be discussed and demonstrated. Salient points of the different software development kits and application programming interfaces which are supplied by the vendors.

RFID Middleware:
WinRFID middleware is an edge-of the network software environment which facilitates RFID equipment to be integrated with the enterprises' IT infrastructure. Middleware capabilities that will be discussed include data management, data filtering, distributed RFID network management, conversion of data to intelligent and actionable information, and rules-based integration with backend systems. The role of complementary sensor technologies to augment RFID infrastructure and added value to the business processes will also be discussed.

RFID Industry Vertical Case Studies, and Business Case Analysis:
Utility and deployment of RFID in Supply Chain, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Airlines, Logistics and others industries. Discussions on trials and tribulations from different RFID pilots and some adoptions, and lessons learnt. Discussions on infrastructure layout, planning and business process re-engineering required for RFID deployment.


In the RFID @ WINMEC Lab, attendees will be shown features of the RFID readers, tags and standards; view how an RFID network can be managed in a deployment setting; get demonstration of how business rules are employed to handle and process data; and see experiments with the WinRFID middleware and other associated modules in the lab.

WinRFID Middleware Technology:
Setup, manage and use readers
Manage and control readers on the WinRFID network
Data flow and process demonstration
Rule engine to handle and process data

RFID Reader-Tag Interaction:
Reader/Tag tier performance: ID Scanning, user data preparation, reading and writing. Multiple tags/different vendors.
EPC tag ID preparation and writing.

RFID Application Demonstration:
One or more of the following WinRFID Applications will be demonstrated:
- WinRFID Supply chain demo: Cartons tagged with UHF in combination with items tagged with HF are shipped from a mock factory to a warehouse and finally to a smart shelf in a mock retail outlet.
- WinRFID Medical Specimen Inventory Tracking
- WinRFID Library Application: Check in/out, inventory check.
- WinRFID Personnel and asset tracking: badge, wrist band and pocket based RFID.
- RFID for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain.

For more information on the WinRFID Technology email rfid@winmec.ucla.edu

The interview by Professor Rajit on RFID Hands-On workshop of June 2008.

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