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A select set of Reports from the RFID Systems course taught by Professor Rajit Gadh in UCLA.

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RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-201-Hospital Application.pdf Washington Hospital Center Implementation Thomas Tamayo
RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-204-AWID test.pdf Comprehensive Reader and Tag Test (AWID) Seung Ryong Han, Jim Shaughnessy
RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-206-JTC and TC.pdf Study of RFID JTC 1/SC 31 and TC 104/SC 4 Chak Wo Wu
RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-207-Samsys.pdf Tag performance with Samsys 9320 Anish, Shah, Hiral Patel

RFIDSYSTEMS-2004 Fall-101 BAGGAGE A study of RFID in baggage tracking Eric Tse

RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-104 DOD-RFID-Mandates A study of department of defense's RFID mandates Michael Anderson

RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-106 HF-UHF-READERS-TAGS A study of High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency RFID technologies Chak Wo Wu

RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-107 RFID-BASED-MGMT-MANUFACTURING-LINE A study of RFIDs based management of a manufacturing line. Bin Huang

RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-109 RFID-SECURITY A study of RFID used in Security Systems Advait Dixit

RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-112 RFID-SUPPLY-CHAIN-CASESTUDY A study of RFID in the supply chain, a case study of a particular company Jim Shaughnessy

RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-113 RFID-FRESH-FOOD A study of RFID used to track fresh food Justin Neben
RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-114 HF-UHF-READERS-TAGS A study of High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency RFID Technologies George K. Yu
RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-115 RFID-SENSOR-NETWORKS A study of RFID in sensor networks Vineet Agarwal
RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-116 RFID-ASSET-TRACKING A study of RFID in Asset Tracking Anish Shah
RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-118 RFID-HEALTHCARE A study of RFID in Healthcare Seung Ryong Han
RFIDSYSTEMS-2004-Fall-120 RFID-DOD-Mandates A study of Department of Defense's RFID Mandates Gigio Sakota

  RFID Systems: Design, Analysis and Applications  

Fall '04

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The course will introduce state-of-art in RFID systems technology with specific focus on designing and analyzing RFID systems. Hardware and middleware issues will be discussed. Middleware technology in the context of developing applications will be presented and discussed. Standardization efforts in industry and their current applications will be presented. Applications of RFID in various industries including supply chain, retail, homeland security, manufacturing, etc. will be discussed. Industry leaders will be invited to give guest lectures. Advanced topics on RFID and their corresponding research challenges will be discussed. Students will work on hands-on projects in RFID using equipment in the Wireless Media Lab .  Some students will get the opportunity to investigate the WinRFID Version 1.0 software developed in the UCLA-WINMEC RFID Lab.  Instructor for this course is Dr. Rajit Gadh .







RFID Executive Forum 3.9.05

RFID Hands-On Workshop 1.25.05

RFID Forum 2004 10.12.04

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