UCLA-WINMEC RFID Hands On Workshop
June 7, 2005

The June 7, 2005 Workshop:

UCLA's RFID Lab @ WINMEC presents a one day hands-on workshop on RFID application development on June 7, 2005. This hands-on workshop provides the attendees an opportunity to learn the basics and the potential of RFID in various application scenarios. Attendees get to experience a variety of RFID technologies and use the WinRFID middleware in conjunction with the existing RFID hardware in UCLA.


Current Activities

- WinRFID Middleware
- WinRFID Lab
- WinRFID Demos
- RFID SYSTEMS Course F'04
- RFID Hands on Workshop - Oct.25.05
- RFID Hands on Industry Forum - Oct.26.05


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7:30 - 8:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast Rice Conference Room
8:00 - 9:00 RFID Introduction Rice Conference Room
9:00 -


RFID Hardware - Readers, Tags; Standards & Mandates Rice Conference Room
10:15 -


Coffee Break Rice Conference Room
10:30 - 11:30 RFID Middleware - WinRFID Rice Conference Room
11:30 -


RFID Applications, Industry Verticals and Case Studies

Rice Conference Room
1:00 - 2:00 Lunch Rice Conference Room
2:00 - 5:30 Hands-on Demonstrations in the Lab - experience readers and tags from a variety of vendors; of different RF technologies - Passive LF, HF, and UHF & Active; EPC and non-EPC and Integrated RFID sensors Wireless Media Lab
5:30 - 7:30 Networking, Cocktails, and Hor Douvres Rice Conference Room
RFID reader features and their characteristics
Tag protocols, tag operation
Tag-reader interaction
Integrated operation of different frequency technologies - UHF, HF, and LF
Data Filtering and aggregation (aided by middleware)
Use of WinRFID Middleware developed at RFID@WINMEC Lab
Integration of complementary wireless technologies to RFID for asset tracking
Creating RFID solutions, their deployment and RFID network management using WinRFID middleware
Web services oriented architecture for RFID application deployment
Utility of web services in RFID middleware

Industrial applications: supply chain, retail, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, logistics, security, warehousing, and manufacturing
Business case studies, ROI analysis, justification for RFID deployment
RFID business case in Large enterprises, medium sized companies and smaller companies

EPC GEN2 technology and time frame of deployment by industry
RFID Regulation and Mandates - Federal Government Real I.D. Act, California Identity Information Protection Act.
Demonstrations of RFID and wireless tracking/sensing research projects in the lab


The following topics will be discussed with live demonstrations.

RFID Introduction:

Attendees will learn about RFID technology - hardware and software. Different application scenarios and opportunities; problems faced by current adopters and changes prescribed including a sample of required business process re-engineering will be discussed. The latest industrial technologies and initiatives will be introduced.

RFID Standards and Mandates:

Attendees will learn about prevalent standards covering low frequency to ultra high frequency technologies employed currently. Standards efforts and focus on interoperability will be a key point of discussion. What are the mandates from Wal-Mart, DoD, Target and other retailers, how the suppliers are coping.  How the rollout of RFID is progressing.

RFID Hardware:
Attendees will get to see different RFID readers and transponders (tags) covering low frequency to ultra high frequency, active and passive technologies in action. Salient points of the different software development kits and application programming interfaces which are supplied by the vendors will be highlighted.
RFID Middleware:
WinRFID Middleware is a software suite which facilitates RFID paraphernalia to be integrated with the enterprises' IT infrastructure. Demonstrations on middleware will show data management, conversion of data to actionable information and integration with backend systems. The role of complementary sensor technologies (ReWINS) used to augment RFID infrastructure and added value to the business processes will also be demonstrated.
RFID Industry Vertical Case Studies:

Utility and deployment of RFID in Supply Chain, Retail, Manufacturing, Security, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Warehousing, Asset tracking and others. Discussions on trials and tribulations from different RFID pilots and some adoptions, and lessons learnt. Attendees will get to hear how to select tags of the right frequency, protocol, standard, vendor, etc., based on use, product tagged, materials, environment, etc.  They will get to hear about infrastructure layout, planning and business process re-engineering and their impact the success of RFID.

Hands on demonstrations:
Attendees will explore features of the RFID readers, tags and standards; view how an RFID network can be managed in a deployment setting; get demonstration of how business rules are employed to handle and process data; and see experiments with the WinRFID middleware and other associated modules in the lab. 


  In the afternoon, the attendees will see the following hands-on demonstrations of the WinRFID technology:
WinRFID Middleware Technology:
Deploy, manage and use readers
Manage and control WinRFID network
Data flow and process demonstration
Rule engine to handle and process data
RFID Reader-Tag Practice:
Reader/Tag tier performance: ID Scanning, user data preparation, reading and writing. Multiple tags/different vendors. (UHF)
EPC tag ID preparation and writing. (UHF)
RFID Application Demonstration:
Library Application: Check in/out, inventory check. (HF/Barcode)
Person tracking: badge, wrist band and pocket. (HF/UHF)          
Data flow and process demonstration

Supply chain demo: Cartons tagged with UHF in combination with items tagged with HF are shipped from a mock factory to a warehouse and finally to a retail outlet . (HF/UHF)

RFID for digital rights management of DVD media content

Wireless Sensor and RFID:
ReWINS Reconfigurable wireless interface for networking of sensors with RFID, Mote, WiFi and Bluetooth
Wireless Network of multiple ReWINS nodes Multiple sensor nodes in a simulated enterprise were networked through WiFi to create an ad-hoc network.
The video of the lectures is available at UCLA WINMEC.

For more information on the WinRFID Technology email rfid@winmec.ucla.edu.



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