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Recent News

WINMEC to participate at RFID Journal Live, April 2009 December 31, 2008
UCLA WINMEC Director to speak at RFID World, September 2008 August 7, 2008
WINMEC participates on program committee for The Second International Workshop on RFID Technology - Concepts, Applications, Challenges (IWRT'08) conjunction with the 10th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS'08) 12-13 June 2008, Barcelona, Spain, ICEIS June 12~13, 2008
UCLA-WINMEC Starts Green RFID Research Project., RFID-WORLD June 4, 2008
UCLA WINMEC Launches ePedigree Pharma Project. June 2, 2008
UCLA-WINMEC Director is interviewed by Etopia News reporter Marc Strassman about the June 5th RFID workshop., Etopia News May 29, 2008
UCLA-WINMEC Director to participate at the IDTechEx Smart Labels 2008 Conference, Feb 20-21, IDTechEx.com Feb 20~21, 2008
Dr. Rajit Gadh is guest editor of Special issue on RFID and Supply Chain Management, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, Volume 3, issue 1, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research 2008
WINMEC Director gives opening presentation at RFID International Workshop in Tainan, Taiwan Dec 20, 2007
WINMEC Director gives invited open talk at Taiwan RFID Workshop Dec 19, 2007
Dr. Gadh gives colloquium at Lockheed Martin, Palo Alto Oct 23, 2007
Dr. Rajit Gadh gives Keynote Talk at Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum May 12, 2007
WINMEC Team paper selected for AACA TechFair Presentation May 3, 2007
Dan Farber of ZDNET Interviews Dr. Rajit Gadh at CIO Impacts Forum, ZDNET February 21, 2007
WINMEC faculty joins program committee First International Workshop on RFID Technology (IWRT'07), ICEIS August 22, 2006
WINMEC researcher quoted on HPŐ÷ RFID NFC chip technology in MIT Technology Review, MIT Technology Review July 26, 2006
Dr. Gadh gives luncheon keynote at Retail Systems Conference, Third Annual RFID Technology Symposium, Retail Systems Alert Group May 21, 2006
WINMEC RFID research article appears in May issue of Academic Bytes Newsletter., TATA May 8, 2006
Mobio Networks join WINMEC as Adjunct Member, WINMEC April 30, 2006
WINMEC receives equipment donation from Printronix, INC, WINMEC March 2, 2006
WINMEC Katrina Article Published in IEEE, WINMEC February 27, 2006
Fox Mobile Entertainment Launches Mobizzo, TMC.net February 27, 2006
WINMEC receives equipment donation from Symbol Technologies Corporate, WINMEC February 20, 2006
Abe Kani, CIO , City of Atlanta joins WINMEC CIO Advisory Board, WINMEC February 14, 2006
Korean Minister, Mr. Roh Juh-hyung visits UCLA-WINMEC for a meeting to discuss RFID, WINMEC January 7, 2006
Dr. Prabhu and Dr. Gadh speak at Lockheed ITTC 2006 Conference in Florida, February 14-16., WINMEC January 5, 2006
GPS track-and-trace demo - UCLA WINMEC's REWINS Asset Track, packworld.com December 5, 2005
Panelists weigh potential RFID security threats, EETimes November 21, 2005
Dr. Gadh to speak at Daegu Embedded Systems Conference, Korea 2005, in November, DEC November 10, 2005
Wilfredo Santos, eBusiness Project Manager, Nestle joins WINMEC RFID Advisory Board,  WINMEC November 4, 2005
Keith Dierkx, SVP of Operations, Embarcadero Systems Corp. joins WINMEC RFID Advisory Board, WINMEC November 1, 2005
RFID Classes Hit Business Schools,  Tech Web October 31, 2005
UCLA-WINMEC Demonstrates RFID,  Tech Web October 18, 2005
WINMEC Mentioned - RFID Training Rampup,  Line56 October 13, 2005
Radio Frequency Identification Technology Forum to Be Hosted by EngineeringŐ÷ WINMEC, UCLA Engineering October 12, 2005
RFID-DVD Technology Highlighted in UCLA Today, UCLA Today October 11, 2005
WinRFID: Towards an RFID Internet of Artifacts; Dr. Rajit Gadh , UCLA Anderson Sept 21, 2005
Dr. Gadh to give presentation at IEEE-EMBS June 29, 2005
Dr. Gadh to speak at Global IIT Conference May 20-22nd, 2005
 Group Studies RFID to Stop Digital Piracy, RFID Journal May 12, 2005
WinRIFD gets recognition on Library Demo, RFID in Library May 5, 2005
Dr. Gadh to give keynote lecture on RFID at MIT Forum, Southern California , April 20 th , 2005
Dr. Gadh to speak at OCTANe Program - March 23, 2005
RFID researcher Rajit Gadh discusses upcoming RFID Executive Forum scheduled for March 9, 2005, at UCLA, and other RFID themes March 9, 2005
RFID Applications On Display At UCLA Yahoo News - Mar 8, 2005
RFID, The Wireless Internet of Artifacts: Applications in Medicine TEPR 2005 Main Conference Program Medical Records Institute - TEPR 05
RFID researcher Rajit Gadh discusses upcoming RFID Executive Forum scheduled for March 9, 2005, at UCLA, and other RFID themes Etopia Media, Feb 15, 2005
Dr. Rajit Gadh talks about his ôVision for the future or RFID?in Taiwan SOC Consortium- Dec 16, 2004
Dr. Rajit Gadh gives a distinguished lecture at Tata Infotech Dec 12, 2004
Tata Infotech Ltd. Distinguished Lecture Series "Wireless Internet of Artifacts" by Prof. Rajit Gadh, PhD, Director, UCLA Wireless Internet for the Mobile Enterprise. TataInfotech - Dec 22, 2004
UCLA Consortium Holds RFID Forum RFID Journal - Oct 18, 2004
RFID Middleware in Action Line56 - October 12, 2004
Line56.com: RFID Needs Work Line 56 - Sept 15, 2004
RFID Applications On Display At UCLA RFID Insights - Mar 8, 2005