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WinRFID Middleware - Brochure (PDF) )

For WinRFID users - Frequently Asked Questions

The WinRFID edge-of-the-network technology is developed in the WINMEC RFID Lab. It is being developed on Microsoft .NET framework. WinRFID middleware attacks important features such as infrastructure scalability and administration, event and data intelligent process and dispatching, enterprise application and business partner integration. Different support modules have also been designed which would facilitate easy deployment, security and data preparation. The middleware has a set of application programming and integration interfaces for supporting application development. At same time, WinRFID has plug-in capability to accommodate symbiotic technologies such as location services and sensors which would not only enhance the technological effectiveness of the RFID system, but may also add value to the business processes.

WinRFID provides a seamless RFID system which can deliver intelligent information by filtering and aggregating data collected at the edge of an RFID network from a variety of transponders through diverse readers.  WinRFID infrastructure technology is being tested for diverse set of applications including medical/healthcare, asset tracking, supply chain, retail, library/document tracking, security and e-pedigree.  This edge-of-the-network technology enables rapid integration of RFID to existing enterprise applications. 

For more information email : RFID @ WINMEC dot UCLA dot EDU


At UCLA-WINMEC , we work with in assisting our industrial partners accomplish three critical tasks:

•  Incorporation of the WinRFID middleware layer into their application

•  Assist in the selection of RFID equipment and help with change in their engineering process if needed

•  Work with them in justification of the business case for the use of RFID

WinRFID Test-Bed

The RFID research program Test-Bed at WINMEC is built on WinRFID Middleware. The Test-Bed provides full functionality to support WinRFID and serves as a RFID rapid application development environment for proving a variety of RFID application concepts. A tag/reader performance module can be used to test most available tags and readers. In this Test-Bed, various networking technologies are being used for simulating enterprise environment. Several demos are also available for verifying real time visibility and operation of RFID technology in Supply Chain System and Asset Tracking. A low cost smart shelf, demonstrating item management at retail shop, is also available.

The Test-Bed can provide information to choose the right RFID technology for right application.

Provides a rapid, platform independent application development environment. Supports various application scenarios. Developer friendly and standard-following SDK speeds up the time to market.
Supports a variety of readers/tags from different hardware vendors (Frequencies from LF, HF to UHF, Protocols from EPC, ISO to ICode, Tiris and other vendor-specified protocols). Web-Service based interface supports third-party hardware (readers, sensors) plug-ins.
Provides intelligent data capturing, smoothing, filtering, routing and aggregation. Uses XML framework and SOAP for data and event representation to support interoperability. Distributed database and local data cache are used to provide data persistence and consistency.
Web Services based distributed architecture - ripe for connected systems and SOA paradigms are under development. Supports partner application integration.
Easy to deploy, manage and control reader network. Provides robust scalability, integration and upgrading.

Provides a centralized and edge-of-network processing rule engine that supports deployment capabilities and event notification.

Supports data collection from variety of sensors like temperature, humidity, pressure etc, utilized heavily in cold chain management and other supply chain applications

Supports an integrated bar code engine capable of generating bar code and/or EPC or other RFID compliant data, facilitates seamless data transcription from bar code to RFID tag and vice versa, interfaces with barcode readers with RS232, IrDA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi communication interfaces with continuous or intermittent data transfer capabilities. Currently a number of bar code standards are supported - CODE39, EAN8, EAN13, UPCA, CODE128 and PDF417.

WinRFID Demos available in Lab

Supply Chain . Security . Logistics . Warehousing . Shipping . Retail . Manufacturing . Homeland Security . Asset Tracking . Hospitality . Medical and Healthcare . Entertainment/Media . Transportation land, air, sea . Traffic Control and Management

RFID in Automotive

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