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This application demonstration of WinRFID in Supply Chain includes a Packaging System, a Warehouse Check-in System, a Smart Shelf for Item Management, and a Point of Sales System.  The Packaging System prepares tags, manages hierarchy information including pallet information, case information and item information, and then writes them into pallet, case and item level tags respectively.  The Warehouse Check-in System reads all the information on pallet tag and via WinRFID directs it into the enterprise database.  The Smart Shelf for Item Management System can set and check item positions to eliminate item misplacement and false out-of-stock. It can also update item information such as price in the field.  The Point of Sale System can serve for self-checkout as the product passes through a smart portal.  Key technology features of WinRFID used:


* UHF/HF Reader/Tag support
* Intelligent RFID information aggregation, filtering and dispatching
* WinRFID network for reader management
* Real time event notification

* RFID data/event subscription
* Hybrid development environment
* Web service based integration
* Business rule

Tracking Crates in Grocery Supply Chain

  • RFID for Tracking Crates in Grocery Supply Chain - The loss of crates as grocery such as milk is shipped from the dairy to the retailer is a well documented problem. We have created a system for tracking crates at various points to prevent the loss, reduce the operation cost of the vendors, and keep closer track of inventory. It has been developed using a .NET framework RFID platform.   For more information, please contact: info@winmec.ucla.edu
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